Who is Randesign?

We’re a small, family-owned company. We began our business in the 1970s as a mail order gift supplier for personalized baby keepsakes. Our biggest seller for nearly 30 years was our Personalized Baby Blanket. In 2005, we turned to the internet to continue to serve our loyal customers with PersonalBabyProducts.com. The site features our blanket, dinner plates, diaper covers, bibs, hats, t-shirts and more – all personalized with the baby’s name (and on some items the birthday as well).

By 2013 our personalized dinner plates had become the new fan favorite. As we were getting more requests for diverse designs and our technology had become more sophisticated, we created a new sister-site, PersonalizedKidsPlates.com.  This site features over 40 new designs intended as cost-effective gifts for babies and kids. The success of this site, and again technology moving forward gave birth to this site.

PhonePhotoPlates – how it began

PhonePhotoPlates is our first venture to NOT target baby and kids gift buyers. Instead, this website is focused on the adult whose creativity is in need of expression! As with our other websites, PhonePhotoPlates is the brain child of our owner, Gary Rand. Merging the popularity of decorative dinner plates and the accessibility of high quality photos via today’s smart phones, PhonePhotoPlates is the next step in the natural evolution of our personalized products.

We’ve customized our website and ordering process to make it easier than ever for you to create your own decorative wall decor. Our plates are color accurate, weather-resistant, dishwasher safe and will never fade. Our PhonePhotoPlates are an ideal way to capture themes such as weddings, vacations or holidays and create decorative artwork to adorn the walls of your kitchens, living rooms and even basements and outdoor patios. We’d love to see your own photos of your decorative ideas!

Meet our small, tight-knit network known as Randesign!

Gary Rand, owner of PersonalBabyProducts.com by RandesignGary Rand, owner, Randesign

Our owner, Gary Rand, is the former owner of the venerable Ohio Knitting Mills – a strong participant in Cleveland’s reign of the knitting mill industry in the 20th century. Now mostly retired, Gary continues Randesign as an online outlet to stay connected with the industry and customers on a smaller scale.

Debbie Luvka - Randesign customer service and personal products managerDebbie – customer service/office manager

Debbie is the engine that keeps the Randesign machine moving. Debbie has been with Rand family business since the Ohio Knitting Mill days. Today, she keeps the books organized, the products on schedule and answers all customer inquiries.

madelineMadeline – Randesign embroider

Medeline is our part time embroider. She’s been our reliable go to stitcher since 2005.

peterPeter – factory operator

Peter actually produces products such as Randesign’s best selling personalized baby blanket. Keeping our operation lean and mean, owner Gary Rand moved the production machinery to our upstate New York facility.

barryBarry Edwards – web developer, social media and email campaigns for Randesign

Barry has designed and produced our personalbabyproducts.com sites as well as our personalizedkidsplates.com sites. He also developed our Facebook sites, Google+ sites and email campaigns. Oh, and these characters and videos.

daphneDaphne – Randesign’s own blogger extraordinaire and single mom of two

We don’t know how she does it. But, Daphne (pen name, obviously) is a marketing professional in our own Cleveland suburb. She’s a dedicated mom of two beautiful girls and a very gifted and insightful blog writer. She even finds time to date on occasion!


Welcome to Randesign’s newest venture, PhonePhotoPlates

Personalized products are our passion. We strive to provide the highest value for your dollar. Randesign has been providing personalized products since 1975. Randesign has remained a low-overhead, streamlined operation dedicated to providing it’s customers exceptional value and quality.

We hope that your own custom made photo plates will be cherished for generations to come as our personalized baby products have been!

Our hours are 10 am – 5 pm EDT Monday through Friday.