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PersonalizedKidsPlates.com Photo Contest winner 2017.

At Randesign, our personalized dinner plates for kids have been our second biggest seller (behind our personalized baby blankets) for over 20 years.

Starting out with only four unique designs, we expanded our designs over the years to include holidays, birthdays and various artwork to appeal to very young boys and girls.

Our Classic Baby Blanket has been our best selling item since 1975

Our Classic Baby Blanket has been our best selling item since 1975

We’ve had three generations of customers thank us for continuing to supply these family keepsakes. Some families used them as their son or daughter’s favorite dinner plates. Others used them as home decor keepsakes…

… and this is what intrigued us.

Photo decorative plates celebrates fond memoriesNearly everyone has a terrific camera in their pocket these days, but rarely do we print our photos. So, we came up with the idea to make a super mobile-friendly site so you can create your own unique memorabilia and wall decor!

This is a BRAND NEW venture for us (just a passion project, really). So, we’d really appreciate any feedback you can give us about the user-friendliness of the site, ordering or simply the product itself!

Thank you for your many years of support!

The Randesign Team